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The Business Travellers

Our aim at Flightsbiz is to provide business travellers with access to the widest range of products and the most up-to-date information together with honest, comprehensive and independent travel advice.

Our customers tend to be those companies who value their employees, both their time and their well being. They do not want them spending hours searching for the best deals, or perhaps even just a flight with availability. They want someone to take that burden from them, but leave them with the confidence that they will arrive at their destination, their hotel will be booked and that they won't have to spend hours in busy airports. Our personal level of service will ensure that your employees preferences are rapidly incorporated into their travel arrangements - which airlines are preferred, which airports, what hotels, what times they like to travel. They will soon believe they have their own personal travel agent. And, of course, they will!

But our customers also need to know that their travel budget is being spent wisely, that the best fares have been used, that low cost airlines have been taken when possible. We can ensure that all travel conforms with your company's travel policy. For example, do you require your employees to stay in only 3* and 4* hotels or not to use business class flights in Europe without authorisation. Savings of 10-15% can easily be achieved by using the right flights, at the right price while still providing your employees with a travel service they will come to value. You can relax, knowing we are taking care of your travel budget, providing your company with travel solutions that provide the right balance between cost and flexibility. And of course we can provide you with regular reports of your travel expenditure.

In short, we take care of your travel arrangements leaving you to do what you do best - taking care of your business.

Key Benefits

Using the travel consultants at Flightsbiz will provide you with:

  • A single point of contact for airlines and other elements of travel
  • Access to cheaper fares and increased options
  • Control over your travel budget and policies
  • E-Mail Confirmation of all bookings
  • A personal service

Save your employee's time, reduce your travel budget and get a personal, efficient travel service